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what is Haedong Kumdo

Hae means Sea; Dong means East; Kum means sword; and Do means way. Haedong Kumdo translated as the Eastern Sword Martial Arts or Haedong Kumdo is literally translated as original Korean sword techniques, traditional Kumdo trained to prepare for the real battle. It's the traditional Kumdo for real battles, totally different from Jukdo (exercise with bamboo sword), and Guhapdo which were imported from Japan.
The practitioners of Haedong Kumdo use real sword which weigh 1.2 kg; they drill
in a traditional way by unifying Gumbups (the training to get used the sword), Kyukgum ( the training to acqurie the skill of cut and thrust), Beghi (the training to learn the skill of cutting straw or bamboo, paper, etc.), Hoheubbub (abdominal breathing ), etc. The techniques of our sword are not only one of the most important skills for fighting but also a drill for defending oneself and defeating opponents. By improving physical strength, one can exercise endurance. By practicing the constant changes of subtle acts, the posture become refined and cultivates one's mind into a noble state of one's spiritual and physical balance, physical fitness.

benefits of Haedong Kumdo

  1. A traditional martial art to enable you to handle violent or dangerous situations. Kumdo is a long established form of self-defence that focus on using one blow effectively to contain bullies and assailants, all the while instilling confidence and character. 
  2. The goal of Kumdo is not to dominate over others, it is to cultivate one's sense of self and build character. 
  3.  A physical fitness program you can enjoy whole life whether you are young, old, male or female. For your physical fitness as well as the physical well being of your entire family, from children to senior citizen, Haedong Kumdo is an activity everyone can enjoy together. A family that trains together will not only be healthy and harmonious, it will build inner unity and a bond with each other. Haedong Kumdo is the best martial arts program that three generations can enjoy together. 
  4. The best workout for mental clarity (increase concentration and relieves stress and tension) Mental concentration and quick reflexes are the foundations Kumdo is based on. When the sword is held in your hand, worldly concerns and burdens are lifted and replaced with confidence and aspiration.

Nine Principles​

  1. You must always manage a wooden sword as you would a real sword; with caution. 
  2.  You must always make an effort to achieve union between mind and sword. 
  3. Anyone who practices with the sword should understand the meanings of all the movements, so that they are not executed carelessly and thoughtlessly.  
  4. The sword is used for Kumdo forms, which is formal way to practice the way of the sword.  
  5. The practice of Kumdo is a way to discipline and tranquilize as well as purify the body and mind, thus it must not be thought or executed casually. 
  6. Anyone who practices the sword must be focused and free of hindrance. The practicers must always maintain a collected attitude, and train with dedication.
  7. Anyone who owns a sword must be considerate of all others, have an open mind and be humble. 
  8. It must be remembered that practicing with the sword is beneficial for health and life revitalization. 
  9. Always be grateful to your teacher and show absolute respect for the teaching of the ways of the sword.  This will allow one to gain wisdom.


Haedong Kumdo is a completed state of Korean martial art using sword, cutting off, fighting, breathing, etc. It has been developed by many swordsmen and trainers.Now there are many branches that are trying to develop this field continually in Korea. It is considered more important to make it well qualified than to gather more people. Then people of all ages can enjoy their training more than before.United World Haedong Kumdo Federation have been keeping on trying and developing to flourish it and enhance it's prestige through using Haedong Ssang Kumdo (using two swords) and Haedong Kummu (sword dance), Kumjogsul (technique mixed with sword and foot) and so on.These kinds of sword training will be able to perform on stages, practice in the mountains or riversides as well as in the gyms. Frequent and easy contacts with sword training will make more trainees notice that they will have lots of benefits spiritually and physically.


The practitioners of haedong Kumdo use training swords (wood and aluminum) as well as real live blade swords that weigh approximately 1-1.2 kg. Sword techniques are not only one of the most important skills in combat, but also improve physical strength, endurance, posture and offer a great stress relief. Training is not only for young people. People of all ages can benefit from training Haedong Kumdo. Men and women train equally and one doesn't need to be fit or have any previous martial arts experience to start. It is a complete system that includes, forms, sparring, drills, cutting using both wooden swords and live blades and training with two swords. Haedong Kumdo is based on concentration, technique and angles. When training with the sword, one develops discipline, reduces stress and enhances mind control. Haedong Kumdo is made up of real sword stabbing and cutting techniques as well as competition formats, abdominal breathing and meditation. Thus the practitioner learns practical self-defense techniques which can be done empty handed thereby increasing confidence and self-esteem.